Personal assistants vs. virtual assistants

Lourdes Carbó: “Personal assistants need to understand each other and technology”


You can now listen to the #SmartConnections podcast from CaixaBank Connect, where Lourdes Carbó, CEO of The Lifestyle Institute and Alberta La Grup | lifestyle experiences, and Jesús Serrano, Manager of Programming, Strategic Missions and Technologies at Microsoft, talk about virtual assistants vs personal assistants.


Throughout the 38 minute conversation, both professionals put the capabilities of both virtual and human personal assistance on the table, to demonstrate that both can be useful and effective.


Lourdes Carbó explains that personal assistants have to understand technology, while Jesús Serrano talks about how technology is going to empower human beings instead of replacing them.


“We PAs are not there to manage things. We are there to manage values”.


You can listen to the entire interview, conducted by journalist David Blay, on Spotify via this here:



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