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Property Management

Our Property Management service reflects the concepts of Smart Living & Extraordinary Lifestyle.

Luxury properties require a service that is commensurate with the extraordinary nature of your property.

Home care with extremely detail.

The Lifestyle team looks after all aspects of property for homeowners and tenants, with the aim of giving back the luxury of time and peace of mind. We practice the art of anticipation:

thinking, hearing and listening to what is needed and wanted before it is even requested.

Whether it is your main residence or your holiday home, we will take entire care of your property having our Property professionals at your disposal, assisting you in everything you need and anticipating your needs with extreme discretion.

All carefully organised, by our in-house team trained at our school: The Lifestyle Institute.



Before you receive the tenants, we will assist you with the état-des-lieux. We will prepare an inventory of all the items of the apartment, including photos and we will annex it to the rental contract. An elaborate inventory of all the items for you, so you can keep track of all your belongings and easily locate them with no need to think where they are stored.


Where appropriate, we depersonalise properties so that they are available to tenants or guests, avoiding any personal belongings belonging to the family or their owners that should not be seen. We inventory, store and return to their place once the stage is finished.


We will be in touch with the tenants every moment. You can forget to remind them to pay the rent, we will take care of it. We will manange the payments of rental on a monthly basis, together with the control of utilities consumption.


We can decorate, create a staging project to prepare, and equip your residence to improve the rentability, for home equipment, such as home linen, towels, hangers, baskets, or any organizer to keep the order.


We will handle to set up the supplies, in order to have everything prepared once the tenants move in.


We offer 5* semi-hotel service. So, as the tenant as the owner can have privileges. In case of the owner, it increases the value of your property and in case of the tenant, can enjoy of all the services that we offer.


In case you need to do some works or reforms in the residence, we can offer a project manager and we will control it in order to defend your interests. Also, if you need to do any repair, hang a picture or shelves or anything that it’s on your to-do list and you may not have the time or the tools to do it, we will contact our suppliers or handyman and he can do all the things of your list!


Housekeeping crew. Our professional housekeepers a part of keeping your property in properly conditions,and take care of your house punctually or regularly, depending on your needs; they can carry out a lot of other services. They are very well trained  through the continuous programs of our The Lifestyle Institute, imparted by professional butlers, where they can strengthen some tasks, such as wardrobe organization, complicated and special cleanings, among others. Our housekeepers have experience working in private U-HNWI houses which means that they are experts in high-end protocols; they speak different languages.

Trust professionals to keep spaces spotless and ordered.

* Laundry, Steaming Service, Dry Cleaning, Delivery & Ironing, Shoe Care/Shinning & Seamstress, Wardrobe Cleaning, Organization of Spaces and walk-in closets, Water Plants and coordinate with the property management team for the visits of other suppliers and even create the protocols to maintain your property always impeccable according to your preferences and needs.

Whether you’ve just moved in or simply bought a lot of new items for your home and need to get rid of some others, we will carefully create


Welcome! The first day the tenants /guests enter to live in their residence, we will give them some general information, the start your stay. This document includes necessary information for the first day, such the housing brochure; instructions of home appliances in their own language; community rules; keys set; the facts sheet and other small details. Also, we can do the first shopping of basic products (fill the fridge of basic products, cleaning basics or some bathroom amenities).


We can coordinate with lawyers or if you prefer, with our trusted lawyers, to be in charge of the operation of the rental contract. Thus, you will save time.


One-of-its-kind venue with heritage and outstanding service

Amongst all of the art in Barcelona, one building stands out from all the others for its incredible presence and Modernist architecture; Casa Burés.

It is a refurbished residential building with more than 100 years of history centrally located in the Barcelona’s Eixample District and one of the world’s most impressive and best-preserved Modernist buildings in the world.

The Hansel & Gretel Venue is the masterpiece room of The Principal apartment, which belongs to the noble area and treasures valuable architectural and decorative elements that are part of the history of modernism. An elegant and sophisticated interior design manages to transfer
to our days the luxury and exclusivity that the noble floor of Casa Burés represented in 1905.


Mas de les Voltes, in Catalonia, is probably one of the projects of his preference; An impeccable lawn extends next to strictly and geometrically drawn wheat fields, with rows of olive trees and cypresses. Unconsciously, he was inspired by the painting of Piero della Francesca, the great master of perspective, and Petrarch.

The Italian spirit is undoubtedly present in the terraces bounded by hedges, cypresses and the four large beds of water on the lower landing. Ancient agriculture meets formal contemporary garden design in the late twentieth century. Wheat, olive trees, cypresses, water and grass are the elements of this astonishing and original Case Study.


Moving into a new house or Relocating to a new country is supposed to be an exciting time for the family, however can sometimes feel overwhelming due to the amount of preparation and control.

Our Property Management Team will coordinate with both you and your removal suppliers in order to receive your belongings in perfect conditions.

The Team would then check the inventory of what should be inside each box, as well as making sure that nothing is damaged or missing. Following your instructions they will then unpack, putting everything in its place so that, on your arrival, your house is ready to be lived in. You will arrive to your home without the stress of having to unpack boxes and sort out your belongings. Your PA will take care of it so that you can enjoy your new home!

We will be there to open the door at your residence and receive the merchandise, checking that everything is in perfect condition and recording any incident in real time. We unpack, place all the objects and your personal belongings in their places.
We only need a few instructions that we will ask you for, the key to your residence, and we will take care of the rest. We turn your new house into your home, so that when you and your family arrive, after our intervention, you simply have to enjoy and everything is perfectly located, installed and accurate according to your instructions.