Great article in Vanity Fair!

🪽 The profession of Personal Angel always arouses curiosity…

🗞️ We know that the idea of finding out more about what our work is like is something that interests people, as it means entering a universe that is unknown to the vast majority. And this is the first in-depth interview we have been given from that point of view…

📰 Perhaps from now on, by reading this article, many more of you will know how this chain of PROFESSIONALS who attend THE ELITE works, who form a – for us – perfect gear, called Alberta La Grup.

🙏 Our thanks to Vanity Fair for this fabulous report that captures the essence of our profession.
And above all, thanks to Marta Suárez Sánchez-Ocaña for writing it with such respect and dedication.


Jorge Arévalo

Jorge Arévalo


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We talk about how a personal assistant works on La Roca, on la Sexta TV