Our dedicated concierge team will provide you with an unforgettable experience during your stay in the city. If you travel to any of our destinations for business or pleasure, and you don't have staff on hand and you value your time, we can definitely help you adjust.



We know delegating personal organization tasks is not easy. It requires a great deal of trust, absolute confidentiality and masterful efficiency. Every day. Always. We do know...



We aim to provide pleasure in outstanding custom-made experiences throughout the world; experiences that promise unique encounters with the finest gastronomy, culture, architecture, design, fashion, etc...




We believe that most important works is done backstage.


Not only gaining it, but keeping it. Always know your place.


Absolute Privacy. What ‎happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas


Ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. The pursuit of excellence.


A personal assistant must have the intuition and imagination to anticipate your every need, even before you notice them. Nothing is left to chance.

Savoir Faire

Attention to detail, impeccable treatment carried out with sincerity and simplicity, a warm smile, emotional intelligence and the sensitivity to notice what's around you.


An insatiable desire to acquire knowledge, always curious, being up-to-date on all and every situation.


The sincerity of a personal assistant actions and their professional ethics must enable you to trust them to deal with your private affairs as if you were dealing with them personally.


I recently had a business meeting in Barcelona and had a limited amount of time to see the city and its many attractions and venues. We hired Alberta La Grup to not only put together a personal tour of the city while working within the constraints of our business schedule, but to plan and arrange all of our meals asking only to give us the “best taste of Catalonia”, as well as to arrange a personal day of touring and shopping for my wife. We were not disappointed. Every detail was carefully planned, reservations made, an itinerary provided, a personal tour guide accompanying us to the most interesting attractions throughout Barcelona all topped off by one amazing meal after another. No question, Alberta La Grup made our trip to Barcelona exceptional, all the while working around the constraints of our work schedules. The personal touch applied to all aspects of our itinerary made our trip one to remember. I would rank Alberta La Grup as the premier concierge service in all of Spain.

Brian Tate / (South Carolina. USA)

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality when we were in Barcelona last week. It was a memory that our family will treasure forever. I will let my friend know what a special vacation it was, thanks to your help. All the best, and hope our paths cross again soon.

Guhan & Helen / (Boston. USA)

No sé como agradecerles por todo lo que lo que han hecho por nosotros. Era como tener una hermana mayor que se preocupaba por todos los detalles. La pasamos como si fuéramos reyes. Momentos inolvidables incluyeron: el show cooking en Barcelona, comiendo en A Coruña, caminando todos los días juntos con Nicolas, Casa Brandariz y sus dueños, y las Islas Cies. Gracias por todo.

Vivian Sánchez / Doctor / (Boston. USA)

The Carros de Foc Experience was beyond anything that I know how to describe and believe me I have been trying to describe it since my personal trainner and I finished at Refuge. It starts out simply enough with the goal of completing the circuit in under 24 hours whether by hiking or by running or by crawling and scrambling. With each ascent and descent of a pass, with each foot step and foot slip the sheer beauty and difficulty of traversing the Pyrenees is embedded into both your body and your psyche even your soul by the end. Without our personal trainner from Alberta La Grup there to help us through the training and the actual race, I believe we would still be in the mountains wandering around.

Nick Fleming / Personal Doctor / (USA)

Since living in Barcelona some years ago, I had become fascinated with the prospect of running Catalunya's mythical Carros de Foc ultra-race. The course, deep in the Spanish Pyrenees, The Chariots of Fire race is extremely difficult and the logistics are daunting, especially for an American with little knowledge of Catalan. Alberta la Grup, through Lourdes Carbo and Xavi Mendez, handled every aspect of my training, nutrition, route planning, logistical support and arrangements on both ends of the run itself. All I had to do was concentrate on finishing!! The experience lived up to every expectation that I had and I will surely count it among the most memorable events that I have ever taken part in. I simply could not have done it on my own. Lourdes' planning and Xavi was with me every step of the way - literally . Xavi guided me to my goal, which was to finish the 50 mile course in under 24 hours. I will never forget a single step!!

William M. Webster / (South Carolina. USA)

She is utterly awesome and has saved my hundreds of manhours planning events and sorting thus difficult circumstances. She has arranged FC Barcelona tickets and made the ever hard-to-get restaurant reservations. I say all this to recommend her if you ever need some planning or personal service assistance. I would definitely refer someone to you who wants first class advice on travel in Spain. There is noone better…

William M. Webster / (South Carolina. USA)

Lo más destacable de los servicios de Alberta La Grup ha sido la combinación entre imaginación, empeño y hechos. Lo inimaginable se ha convertido en realidad gracias a su empresa. Desde encontrar colegios y campamentos de verano para los hijos hasta montar una exposición o preparar la presentación de un libro en la Catedral de Barcelona o en el Palau Robert. Desde buscar al proyetista de jardines con más conocimientos hasta solucionar el montaje de un mueble en día festivo. Desde encontrar la especie vegetal idónea para un clima determinado, hasta crear una comunidad de tertulia intelectual o hacer que un grupo multitudiario de gospel actúen en el lugar adecuado con los temas adecuados. Le auguro muchos éxitos en su trayectoria empresarial, porque su idea de negocio es innovadora y su fuerza personal, arrasa.

Pilar Almagro / Socia fundadora y CEO de VertiSub / (Barcelona. SPAIN)

Lourdes, is a Fabulous and dedicated owner & operator. Try her services & you will see.

Yamaya Faye YFLB / CYOI CreateUROwn Identity & FGTV | Designer, Speaker, Holistic Image Consultant & Presenter / (London. UK)

I am the principal of a specialty consulting firm that provides a wide range of services to its premier client base, including the planning and arrangement of turnkey, exclusive travel adventures. These services require not only the finest in personal transportation and lodging accommodations but also an itinerary which samples the finest of the cultural and historical offerings a country or region has to offer, guided by knowledgeable, experienced, and personable staff. Alberta La Grup is without pier, in this field, in all of Spain.

Frank Caggiano / Principal, 21st Century Services, Inc. / (South Carolina. USA)

As a spin-off of Alberta La Grup, we have created the first lifestyle school of its kind in Europe.

We are the first school in Europe to train future Personal Angels, for the social elite. It has been founded to prepare professionals of the 21st Century to become professionals at an international high level.

Through importing our knowledge and invaluable skills that we have gained through years of personal experience, our main mission is to guide those who wish to enter the Lifestyle Management Industry. Whether you’re a total beginner or you just fancy refreshing your current knowledge, we provide the needed to deal with a highly demanding industry and to the most discerning clients in the world.

The aim of The Lifestyle Institute is to be the first lifestyle school of its kind in Europe. In all of our courses – which include a PA Postgraduate, as well as cutting-edge Lifestyle Workshops and Weekend Retreats.

As well as being a school, The Lifestyle Institute will bring together a Community, an Observatory on lifestyle for meetings, debates, events and other activities related to the lifestyle sector and much more…