Lifestyle Management

Since 2006, we manage the most exceptional lifestyles of the most discerning clients belonging to the public eye. With high standards but lack of time, our clients require distinguished services, exclusive attention and completely customized solutions to meet their needs for personal and family organization.

With faultless discretion, absolute confidentiality, and an impeccable image our complement of multilingual, multitasking professionals can provide competent assistance in a wide-ranging number of tasks, all carried out in a sophisticated international atmosphere. An unsurpassed service for people like you, that know how to enjoy the art of living, and privileged with having the time to do so.



Our dedicated concierge team will provide you with an unforgettable experience during your stay in the city. If you travel to any of our destinations for business or pleasure, and you don't have staff on hand and you value your time, we can definitely help you adjust.



We know delegating personal organization tasks is not easy. It requires a great deal of trust, absolute confidentiality and masterful efficiency. Every day. Always. We do know...



We aim to provide pleasure in outstanding custom-made experiences throughout the world; experiences that promise unique encounters with the finest gastronomy, culture, architecture, design, fashion, etc...




We believe that most important works is done backstage.


Not only gaining it, but keeping it. Always know your place.


Absolute Privacy. What ‎happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas


Ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. The pursuit of excellence.


A personal assistant must have the intuition and imagination to anticipate your every need, even before you notice them. Nothing is left to chance.

Savoir Faire

Attention to detail, impeccable treatment carried out with sincerity and simplicity, a warm smile, emotional intelligence and the sensitivity to notice what's around you.


An insatiable desire to acquire knowledge, always curious, being up-to-date on all and every situation.


The sincerity of a personal assistant actions and their professional ethics must enable you to trust them to deal with your private affairs as if you were dealing with them personally.

Alberta La Grup really helps busy people like me to make full use of my scant time and my scarce resources to do their jobs and not waste their time on non-business activities. You help me balance work and my family chores by taking away the drudgery and giving your substantial imagination to some of my more sophisticated requests!

The Jennings / (Seattle, USA)

Lourdes is an exceptionally talented person who can handle a wide variety of tasks. She gives great attention to detail and is extremely personable, reliable and easy to work with. Her English is excellent which opens up many professional doors for her. I recommend her highly.

Mr. George A. Hirsch / Chairman /Publishing Director, La Cucina Italiana (New York, US)

Really thank you so much for an amazing experience at el Bulli! I really will never forget it and promise to tell everyone how well arranged the whole thing was!

Ms. Kristina West / (London, UK)

The dust has settled and Mr. Ferrán Adriá is now an even more well-known figure in Hong Kong. One of the attendees to our dinner is a famous restaurateur and a columnist for a very popular food magazine actually published an article about our dinner - his words are well respected and attending FA's dinner has become a dream for many Asian people now! Thank you for organizing such as well. Great memories of a great evening!

Ms. Vivian Chen / (Hong Kong)

Ms. Carbó is an excellent person and her services made my life much more easier when I decided to move from one country to another. I truly recommend her services to anyone who has time constraints but at the same time wants to keep a balanced and fun life.

Mr. Hernán Sorate / Vice President at Citibank - International Fund Distribution – MAG (London, UK)

We have found Lourdes Carbó to be a very efficient highly-organised professional who has established an extensive and impressive network of contacts that she is able to activate quickly. Her work was thorough, on the mark and very professionally set up. Her priority is to understand customer needs and confidentiality. In addition, she is a charming person that knows how to interact with people well.

Mrs. Verónica Fisas / CEO Natura Bisse (Barcelona, Spain)

I want someone knowledgeable, detail-oriented, competent, and reliable who I or my assistants can call for solving problems and making arrangements and getting things done, just like you have done for my daughter and for me in Europe.

Mr. Lawrence E. Golub / CEO, Golub Capital (New York, USA)

She is utterly awesome and has saved my hundreds of manhours planning events and sorting thus difficult circumstances. She has arranged FC Barcelona tickets and made the ever hard-to-get restaurant reservations. I say all this to recommend her if you ever need some planning or personal service assistance. There is noone better…

Mr. Webster V / South Carolina (USA)

Thanks to Alberta La Grup, I finally experienced the magic of Ferran Adria, after trying unsuccessfully to secure a reservation at El Bulli for over five years! Everything was planned to perfection from the moment we arrived in Spain. Lourdes and her team took excellent care of us throughout our trip and made our experience that much more special.

Mr. Arnold Wong / (Hong Kong)


This is a mentoring programme in which candidates will gain professional experience by working alongside us. It is designed to help candidates learn or improve the skills needed to be a successful PA and then put them into practice. At the end of the period, we will offer the student the opportunity to work, whether in Alberta La Grup or with another family. Factory La Grup is aimed at those wanting to start a career working as a PA, or those who have already started working in the industry and wish to further develop their skills and make progress in their career.



The aim of The Lifestyle Institute is to be the first lifestyle school of its kind in Europe. In all of our courses – which include a PA Masters, as well as cutting-edge Workshops and weekend Retreats – we will incorporate the skills necessary to become a Personal Assistant to the most discerning clients in the world.


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