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Assisting Serving Extraordinary Lifestyles since 2006

Alberta La Grup, as one of the few concierge and lifestyle management companies to cater to the top 1%, we are also one of the most experienced, with over 20 years expertise in the UHNWIs and HNWIs’s lifestyle segment.

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  • Wealthy Management
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  • Family Offices

We know that your clients expect and demand the best and often with time constraints which often stop them from living their extraordinary lives. By offering our Personal Assistant Family Services to them to help organise their professional and private lives and obtain exclusive benefits, you will be responsible for giving them the privilege of TIME. The ultimate gift for someone with all the money and success they could need but too busy to enjoy it.

Building long term relationships which help you become even more indispensable in your client’s life.

With our Family Assistance services your client will be assigned an experienced PA. Their PA is someone who has their complete trust. Who can manage any aspect of the running of their residences, their life, according to their needs, preferences and lifestyle. They can, then, dedicate their time to what really matters, with the family and children, their business or themselves.

Extraordinary lives are also at the same time complicated ones and so our clients need personalised services adapted to their busy schedules.

For example, our clients often have several residencies in different countries, children studying abroad, a boat moored in another city, several passports and residences, publically and socially exposed lives, busy with investments and chairing committees and projects, work around the clock, patrons of foundations, with spouses and family that also sit on charitable committees and want to enjoy their friendships and social commitments.

With all of these interests, our clients are often too busy to manage all of the small details in their lives which cause unnecessary stress and difficulties.

However, at this level of high and ultra high net worth our clients need to have small circles of trusted advisors and friends. At Alberta La Grup we pride ourselves on being an essential part of this special group to help make their lives easier and help them to achieve their goals.  Our typical clients are on the FORBES list and part of organisations like the YPO, and because of this we have the experience and knowledge of how to conduct our business activities with the utmost respect to confidentiality.

As one of the only concierge and lifestyle management companies to cater to the top 1%, we are also perfectly aware of their needs and requests, that is why we can assume an excellent service.

Excellence is vital to our services, so we cap the number of our clients at 100, so that exclusivity and quality are never compromised. Being a boutique agency , we can offer our clients a more personalised service, taking into account all the fine details that make a client’s experience special.

Based in Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella, Sotogrande, but also well established in other cities and countries London, Geneva, New York, Paris, Miami and Dubai our multicultural team can understand and navigate the needs of  any lifestyle, culture and language. Other cities /countries under request. We are not franchises.

We are fluent in the language of discretion, efficiency and confidentiality

Lifestyle Management

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Private Client Culture

We will make your live easier allowing you to make the most of your personal time. Delegate all the tedious daily tasks and let your PA solve them all. 1st hour is on us! Let’s meet and simplify your daily life!

Maximum 100 clients excellence vs quantity.

Operation based on the Swiss Banking Confidentiality System

Exclusive and individual dedication, we know each client we assist.

100% personalised holistic services that cover absolutely every need for a unique experience for each client.

Savoir faire of impeccable discretion, confidentiality and efficiency.

International Team, 43 nationalities, Multi-lingual and multi-disciplinary Human Capital

In-house training in our school THE LIFESTYLE INSTITUTE the world’s first postgraduate course to train personal assistants for the social and economic elite.