Indeed you have access to other guides. However none can compare to our AN OTHER GUIDES. Not only do they share Knowledge but also inspire for Experiences and great quality Service. AN OTHER GUIDES are the first guides curated by professional Concierge and they also incorporate a concierge service. Travel in style!

We are based in Barcelona and with over 10 years of experience in lifestyle management for the more discerning people, our little black book of trade secrets is bursting at the seams! One day, our team thought ‘if only there was a way to package our service’ and from there the concept of AN OTHER GUIDES was born.

Hundreds of hours of work, years of experience, tons of talent, numerous crazy ideas, several breakfasts with the concierge team and intense brainstorming and a bit of money had all been put into creating our final product, until it was finally launched in 2017.

Your concierge. Your preferences.


AN OTHER GUIDES’ content is designed around a 48 hour time frame; the average time visitors spend in the city, and also offers service, knowledge and experiences.

Service; first editions include our concierge services during your stay, our wide client base means that we can book those “impossible” reservations for you or just provide you with more information about the city.

For more information on contents, themes, and where to buy them visit our site Vivre La Grup | Another Guides


Have you bought the guide? Call us and our concierge team will manage all your reservations, reconfirm addresses or locations, inspiration you, reassure you if you have any doubts, we are here to do provide you with all you need.


The desire to learn and gain knowledge comes from a distinguished and curious mind. AnOtherGuides give you information about traditions to help you understand the city that you are in. Stay tunned on our instagram. Giving you the opportunity to recreate the memories of your journey when you’re back home.


We base our recommendations on our personal experiences, knowledge and with your preferences in mind; they are unlike those recommendations given to the usual tourist.