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Brand Butler

Prestige and Luxury International Brands come to us to collaborate by offering their most important client base an extraordinary gift or an extra service: our Concierge services provide them with that which is most precious or valued: TIME –


Thus, we become an extension of their brand, and we have the honour of being their Brand Butler. Without a doubt, a triangle that favours long term relationships and brings value to all parties: clients, business and brands. This is a one-of-its-kind Club of virtual Concierge and Personal Assistance, for the clients of the most selected firms.

By providing your key clients with the possibility of additional, professional and personalised care that would make them feel unique. Its membership is the gateway to the possibility of deeply enjoying every day of life. Brand Butler is the key to the true pleasure of living at its best; luxury and exclusivity understood as a unique way to enjoy the best of life, preserving its essential element, TIME.

Elitism by Assotiation 
Brand Butler is made up of a team of Personal Assistants and Concierge, experts who are always looking for the exceptional for their clients. It organizes unique leisure and entertainment experiences and obtains exclusive perks and privileges. “Think about what you would like and prepare to enjoy it. We take care of the rest”. This is the motto that guides the work of this select lifestyle A-Club. Its goal: that our clients can enjoy a wide variety of services as extraordinary as their lifestyle. Our job is to take care of getting everything you need.

Above Sport Associates is a multidisciplinary consultancy firm focused on the sports world, offering Marketing, Communication, Legal Advice, and Event Management & Development services. All their clients belong to the world of sports, including several high-level national sports entities. They measure their success by the standards of triumph and projection of their own clients. Therefore, they work is guided by their values of excellence, bespoke attention, leadership, passion, innovation, and a strong ethical conduct. Above Sport seeks to help their clients in the management of perceptions about their brand, whether corporate or personal, and accompany them in this development by advising and supporting them at every step, conveying the right form and content of messages with strength and precision

UNTITLED Legal Family Office

One of the most prestigious “boutique” law firms in America. Their clients are the UHNW families, selected and demanding, and Untitled provides them with a global analysis of their trusts, determining if their financial structures are the most efficient for their objectives. Their commitment is independence, personalization and transparency as the heart of their advice and counsel strategy, resolving corporate issues and conflicts in the complex legal fiduciary world.

Read more about the agreement between the two firms.

Alberta La Grup’s aim is permanetly to go one step further towards excellence.

In order to offer our clients an outstanding service, we commissioned the development of a customized APP (iOS and Android technology), exclusively for our clients.

An investment in state-of-the-art-technology that makes us more efficient, increase security and improves processes.