Deconstructing a Personal Assistant

There is a world inside a bag of a Personal Assistant.

This is the list of items that we think are essential in the handbag of every PA; (well, every good one!).

You’re once in a life time opportunity to see inside the exclusive contents of a PA’s handbag and get a glimpse into the life of a PA and the clients they have to deal with as well as the tasks they demand…

  1. A PASSPORT, we always keep it with us just in case we have to jump on an unexpected flight to bring something important to a client, or just take a surprise trip!
  2. A TABLET that we are able to connect to the internet (we have our private wifivox with us) wherever and whenever needed. Requests from clients can come up any time, from anywhere in the world. We have to stay connected or will fall behind! We at Alberta La Grup need to be up to date on EVERYTHING.
  3. SMARTPHONE, Communication, and an up to date database and support technology are fundamental to be as efficiency as possible and to ensure effective time management. We always bring our chargers on-the-go, with us just in case,… running out of battery would be the worst thing ever for a PA, who always needs to be available! Our best kept secret is our little BLACK BOOK, full of the most important contacts, like a chefs recipes, they will never be revealed! We have a few APPs that we use to make sure everything runs smoothly and to make our lives a little easier too.
  4. A 2ND SMARTPHONE, encase something happens to the first. Two numbers, one only for our most exclusive clients. With helpful apps (some of them to control certain things in their residences (domotica).
  5. NOTEBOOK, classic, paper of only the best quality. It contains all the important information that we need to keep on us at all times but that cannot be stored in the “cloud” due to confidentiality. Alarms codes. Pin codes. CCards. Birthdays. Telephone numbers; amongst others.
  6. CREDIT CARD to be able to shop for clients. Platinum, Obviously!
  7. KEYS of the safety box, with access 247, where to keep key houses and all necessary codes…. and spares in case they lose theirs. Kept in a secrete place, safe so that nobody but us can find it.
  8. STATIONARY: Pencils/Pens/Clips/Business cards/ USB sticks and E-Pencil including a portable Paper Shredder… you never know what we might have to destroy ASAP… confidentiality and discretion are key to our success.
  9. An IMPECABLE IMAGE: discreet Eau de toilette and mints… as well as a sense of self-confident style, but that is granted!
  10. SMILE. (Well not exactly inside the bag, but with it.

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