The New Decoration, a Metaphor for Modern Luxury

The November Issue of the magazine AD Spain, dedicates its cover page to modern luxury and questions what it is in the 21st Century.

Its pages are an exquisite display of the art of contemporary living, in which handicrafts, simplicity and sensuality play an essential role. ‘Bling-bling’ has passed into history, and now refinement is based on discretion and subtlety. The best houses in the word are comfortable and reflective. Farewell to the exhibitionist displays of eras, styles, materials and museum pieces. Welcome to elegance without artifice. ‘The best decoration doesn’t necessarily imply exquisite materials and finishes. It’s more about having time to wonder, to think about how to do it, to study volumes, materials and finishes,’ assures Italian Interior designer Cristina Celestina. Sobriety and intimate comfort triumph far from useless sumptuousness and ostentation.


The way that we dress our houses is a whole statement about how we want to live our lives. Luxury disregards maximalism and offers comfort, freshness, clarity and intimate memories. Thus, these are the most important houses in the world today, creations in which real, high quality materials stand out and where, more than ever, less is more, in the most essential sense of the concept: it aims not so much at minimalism, but at simplicity.


We can’t stop asking ourselves: Why and how have these changes happened? What does it say about our time?


The way of enjoying life has become more authentic and sustainable. A ‘personal angel’ knows this well and looks for what we can do to truly enjoy life: silence, harmony and purity of the environment. All of this leads to valuing the artisan, the authentic and the refined to get closer to life and the earth. Gone are the expensive, senseless decorations, the selection of art without criteria, the collection without direction and empty historicism. There is no greater luxury today than honesty with the environment, and respect for the origin of things.


It is possible that everything changes with time. But it’s difficult, because this new art of living responds to a change of civilisation that questions the siege of the planet, consummation without measure and exhibition. And when we start to be conscious about our destruction, we also start to be aware of how to save ourselves. This is the current struggle and the greatest luxury is to be able to sustain it; to conserve everything that we love.

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