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Money Optimization

Quite simply: many companies or professionals raise prices when a well-known personality or someone in the ``public eye`` carries out a purchase or service directly. A PA is discreet and as such you will not incur markup prices.


A life in the public eye often has disadvantages. Your PA will manage your matters with absolute discretion and can guarantee you enhanced privacy.


According to your preferences and instructions, your PA filters invitations to private events which take place in the city you are in at the time which might be of interest to you. Enjoy preferential treatment and privileges in numerous selected and prestigious establishments.

Best Life/Work Balance

When business and home duties consume increasing amounts of your leisure time - time you'd rather spend with people you care about, doing things you enjoy - maybe it's time to look outside the box for a solution.

Social Status

Intelligent management of personal time is not only power and money, but is also synonymous with prestige.

Intelligent Time Management

How much time do you or your love ones spend on tasks that could be managed by somebody competent? Employing a professional PA to manage those tasks which can be carried out from the outside. It will allow you to enjoy more time to yourself, with your family and friends.


We continually search for ways to enhance our client’s lifestyle. Our selected suppliers and business affiliations give our client’s access to the best products, services and events, with the most up-to-date, insider Information.


It is not just about finding someone who can do the job. The important thing is to count on professionals who comply with the agreed conditions for a reasonable price. We choose our partners with utmost care. We have all the city’s best services in our bulging contact book. We collaborate with some of the most prestigious entities by partnering with the best in each field.


In order to keep an outstanding quality of service, we cap the number of clients to one hundred at each city we serve.


Your executive assistant will take care of your corporate needs. Your PA can organized everything in your personal life. We do not make the role of the PA redundant. We compliment them by taking away all personal aspects of their bosses’ lives.


Your PA will customize the service to your needs, your preferences, your timing. Lifestyle is different for each person /family. We are luxehunters for you. We know your interests, tastes, peferences, we search for you, on your behalf.


We are multi-tasking and we know -well- all the clients we work for. That allow us to anticipate clients's needs. Be focused on your business, on your family. In the meantime, your PA will get things done for you. Having someone that helps it to become a pleasant experience.


Marketing Tool

Increasing your knowledge of the client. Get to know their shopping, leisure and behavioural patterns. Attract new ones, and contribute to the success and effectiveness of your marketing initiatives to get to know your preferences better and attend to them in a personal way.

Competitive Edge

Differentiating your competency. Take advantage of your competitors by offering an alternative to those who you already know and attracting new clients.

Client's Loyalty.

Increase your clients's loyalty. Our lifestyle management solutions will help you to strengthen relationships with your clients, by offering them a great and useful service.

Best Talent Loyalty

Retention and Attract best talent. Motivated employees that can work to their full potential. More efficient workforce with great work /life balance.

Customer Care.

Offer a better Service to the client. A real opportunity to complement the best service that they receive in your establishment. Increase clients's satisfaction.

Save Money

Save costs. Your time is money. It is that of your secretary too. By externalizing high valued services to an expert concierge, you let the EAs manage and optimize bosses's time, by concentrating on organizing corporate matters.


The Executive Assistants role is changing. Companies can no longer afford to have EA’s that spend from 20–50% of their time looking after personal lives. Alberta La Grup's concierge team can support this activity and with our connections and brand partner relationships not only save significant time, but also money.


By delegating some personal tasks of your best talent to our concierge team, your executives will enjoy peace of mind and they will concentrate better in their professional commitments to grow up the business.


Achieve an increase in recognition. There will be the ability to get to know what the firm wants for the future.