100 Days Of Luxury

We have participated in the study of Ms. Sarah Bernat, a fashion model and luxury student who is investigating about What Luxury means Today.

Here is the link to our CEO’s opinions 

Thank you, Sarah!

*****Lourdes Carbo, founder at Alberta La Grup- premium concierge and luxury services company

How would you define luxury?

I find the deepest of luxury intangible, rather than tangible. Personally, I like to talk more about prestige than luxury. And for me it is the privilege of having time to dwell on what really matters-, the financial capacity that allows me to get away from the routine, and to experience the thrill of unique experiences and buy beautiful things made by artisans with a passion for their craft.

I read that Suzy Menkes said that luxury is not only to have the means to buy things, but to have the knowledge and understanding of why you bought it. There are millions of people that can afford a four figure bottle of wine, but only a few know exactly what they are drinking.


An Autumn Afternoon in Barcelona


La Hora de los Assistants