Caléndula, the flower of power

The flower of a thousand names…

Calendula, Marigold, Warbler, Calendula officinalis…just to name a few. The Calendula is a beautiful flower which features bright orange, grandiose flower heads and blooms throughout most of the year. With its origen in the majestic Mediterranean region, Egypt and the southern European sea, it is no surprise that the properties of the Calendula provide a luxurious and exotic feeling.

This flower boasts as many names as it does properties, including medicinal, cosmetic, and even edible qualities!

The flower making a medical sensation…

The Calendula is a magical little flower, it can be used to treat a broad range of medical issues. The extract of the flower has been used throughout centuries. From its anti-inflammatory properties, key for treating an inflamed mouth and throat, to its internal function in the treatment of stomach ulcers, this flamboyant flower ensures both vitality and a healthy body.

The petals of the flower have numerous uses in relation to our skin; reducing impurities of the skin, such as scars, varicose veins, stretch marks and spots is assisted by vital properties such as flavenoids and antioxidants. Therefore allowing you to look as youthful as you feel!

The flower of beauty…

From the top to the bottom of you body, there is nothing the Calendula cant do to assist with beauty. As a vital ingredient in many beauty and skin care creams, the extract of Calendula is known to stimulate and regenerate damaged skin. With a little help from its natural collagen producing properties, it promises to restore skin back to its youthful, smooth, elastic and hydrated form!

The ancient Greeks, Hindu’s and Arabs saw the Calendula as having a use for almost everything, they often used the flower to extract dye for cosmetics and fabrics and in food. Additionally, in recent years, it has become a key component in the perfume industry, and can be used in shampoos to lighten the colour of hair.

It is noteworthy that the Calendula is a natural aid for health, beauty and bodily functions, from thousands of years ago until the present day, its longevity embodies the essential need for Calendula in lifestyle.

The Calendula and Alberta La Grup…

Similar to Alberta La Grup, the Calendula is complex on many levels, although it can be easily perceived as a very simple flower, it has an abundance of unique properties which allows it to stand out from the crowd.

Such as the Calendula, Alberta La Grup also tends to all aspects of your everyday life; we consider each client as singular and unique, just like every petal in the Calendula. Therefore we are able to create an environment where we can provide day-to-day solutions and an attitude of flawless individual service with exemplary attention being provided to your preferences.

The excellence of the Calendula is reflected in Alberta La Grup ‘s services, we ensure that our multilingual and multitasking professionals can provide competent assistance in a wide-ranging number of services,  and exquisite attention to detail, carried out in an international atmosphere.

With Alberta La Grup, everything is possible!


editorial Alberta La Grup | translation by Phoebe Bowell | Oct, 2015

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