20 Reasons Why You Should Move To Barcelona

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Twenty Reasons Why You Should Move to Barcelona

In 2015, Lucas Fox established a partnership with Alberta La Grup (ALG), one of Spain’s leading companies in personal assistant and lifestyle services.

Founded in 2006, ALG offers its clients tailor-made solutions for all aspects of their personal and social lives. Their highly experienced, multilingual team is available 365 days a year to attend to the individual needs of the most discerning families across the world.

ALG is proud to be dynamic, discreet and well connected. Their clients have high standards but lack the time required to access and arrange the exclusive, high-end lifestyle and organisational solutions they require.

ALG’s reputation is built upon factors such as faultless discretion, effectiveness and professional ethics. Being a small company, every client is treated individually and given all the time and attention it takes to build enduring relationships.

Listed among the five best concierge agencies in Europe by World Luxury Tourism and among the best agencies by Just Luxe (London) and Muzik (Canada), ALG is a pioneer in its field in both Barcelona and Madrid.

Here ALG talk us through the twenty reasons why you should move to Barcelona.

For Business

  1. Barcelona has come to be noted as an ideal city for business. Various important international trade shows such as Meeting Point and Alimentaria take place here. The city also hosts the International Mobile World Congress annually, attracting the world’s leading mobile technology professionals which invites both innovation and networking.
  2. The city is home to leading business schools such as the IESE and the ESADE, which rank globally 11th and 22th respectively, according to the Financial Times.
  3. About 80% of companies are small and medium sized enterprises, which provides outsourcing and offers dynamic and talented services due to the city’s ‘talented labour pool’.
  4. Due to its Central European location, Barcelona is ideally located to commute to other cities for business. Toulouse is a 3 hour drive away and the new high speed rail network, praised as one of the most efficient in the world, makes it possible to get to both Paris and London in less than 9 hours. Madrid is also only 2 hours away by high speed train.
  5. Barcelona Port is constantly developing and has become an epicentre for Mediterranean trade. The development is a good indicator of the recent economic and fiscal improvement in Spain.
  6. The Spanish government is highly dedicated to promoting green energy which has provoked significant interest by foreign investors.
  7. Barcelona is a highly important economic hub in Spain. 70% of Catalonia’s GDP is from Barcelona and the city is ‘the fifth largest industrial concentration in Europe’.
  8. Barcelona has been highlighted as one of the best places to invest in real estate due to the abundance and variety of high quality properties, all at very competitive prices.
  9. Aid for business is never far away. The Catalan government is highly supportive of local businesses which has been one of the reasons behind the high startup success rate.
  10. Barcelona has ideal human resources for continuing business success such as 33 university research institutes and top business schools.

For the Lifestyle

  1. The mild climate in Barcelona is definitely a strong point. Temperatures tend to range between 12ºC and 30ºC throughout the year meaning it’s never too cold to enjoy the outdoors such as the great range of parks dotted around the city.
  2. Barcelona has for many years been characterised by both its excellent medical professionals and facilities. The medical system is regarded as one of the best in the world, and therefore Barcelona is often one of the principal destinations for important world medical congresses.
  3. With a foreign population of more than 18%, Barcelona is very much a multinational city and is often labelled as Spain’s ‘global city’. This is represented in the great array of outstanding international schools. ALG Welcome services are tailor-made for international people coming to the city.
  4. With a history exceeding 2,000 years, Barcelona is incredibly rich in culture, with a great volume of international influences having created the very fabric of the city. This is visible in the array of architectural styles in Barcelona, which are the reason behind many buildings and sites being selected as World Heritage Sites. It is this recognition of Barcelona as a centre for art and culture that attracts so many tourists each year.
  5. The Spanish are often noted for their late night culture and this is said to be concentrated in Barcelona. Vibrant nightlife is on offer every day of the week, and there is always great choice in terms of clubs and dining – both high-end and casual.
  6. Barcelona is brilliantly located and has a total of seven beaches. Furthermore, it is also within an hour of ski resorts in the Pyrenees Mountains.
  7. Culture and tradition are inherent parts of Barcelona lifestyle and community participation is very high for each of the great number of celebrations throughout the year. There is an eclectic mix of old and new, such as the Epiphany which makes up an important part of the Christmas celebrations by marking the arrival of the Three Kings and when Christmas gifts are often exchanged. The newer celebrations include the 5-day Primavera Sound Festival which attracts a wide range of popular international bands and singers, as well as the Sónar Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art.
  8. Security is very effective in the city with crime rates lower than other European counterparts, which leads to a safe and enjoyable atmosphere to live in.
  9. The beaches in Barcelona are very popular due to the high quality of maintenance by the local council. Inspections are carried out on a daily basis by civic agents so effectively manage the beaches’ condition. The beach is accessible by a variety of metro stations, is family friendly and due to the all year round pleasant climate, it is an integral and highly valued aspect of the city.
  10. The 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona left an important stamp on the city which is present to this day. The sports facilities are second to none and are highly accessible for inhabitants of the city.

Make Barcelona Your City

Alberta La Grup can assist you in moving to Barcelona, be it for a permanent or temporary period.

They cater for the needs of any individual or group and are also available to aid in corporate visits. With a combined experience of more than 20 years, their team ensures that your move or visit to Barcelona will be one of ease and enjoyment.

Alberta La Grup’s personal assistant and lifestyle management consultants remain at your complete disposal in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Catalan.

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