12 Tasks for 12 Months

As the year came to an end and we prepare ourselves for more extraordinary tasks to come in 2016, we look back on the most amazing PA tasks that we have completed in 2015:

1.An expression of true Love.

One of our clients decided to show his girlfriend how much he loved her by filling the apartment entirely with roses. Alberta La Grup was responsible for buying them, collecting them and arranging them beautifully so that his loved one had a wonderful surprise on opening the front door! Roses, Roses…roses everywhere! not just a dozen, but three thousand covering the entire apartment as far as the eye could see.

2.A very special birthday celebration.

One client wanted the truly unique experience of taking his guests on a boat trip to celebrate his birthday. Alberta La Grup took care of all the arrangements: from finding the perfect boat, complete with room for them to dine and dance, to ensuring that the food was of the outstanding quality expected from the client. A great time was had by all!

3.A very musical year.

One of our clients is an avid music fan and every month we make arrangements so that she gets to see all her favourite classical music concerts in the city – With the best seat, of course!

4.Gifts for a loved one.

A client wanted to send a special gift for his mother’s birthday whilst she was enjoying some time in Portugal. Alberta La Grup took charge of finding the loveliest spa in the city and arranging for her to have a relaxing treatment, followed by an elegant tea.

5.Crazy about Coconuts:

One client is a big fan of fresh coconuts – We make sure her order is delivered each and every week so she can enjoy them!


Pets are a huge part of many of our clients’ lives and when they travel, it is very important that they leave with the comfort of knowing that their pet is in good hands! Alberta La Grup has arranged pet-sitting services for a client, making sure their cat is well cared for and even sending them regular photo updates so that they can relax whilst they are away!

7.Missing suitcase.

One client, whilst on his way back to the city from the airport, had the misfortune of leaving his suitcase – which contained many things of great importance to him – in the back of a taxi. He called us because he really needed the suitcase and all of the things in it and we told him we would make every effort to find it. After exploring various way in which to do this, we eventually succeeded in finding it through another taxi driver who put is in contact with the driver of that taxi. On recovering the suitcase, with all its contents in fact, the client was a very happy man!

8.Born to drive.

For clients who love cars, Alberta La Grup provides top parking facilities and car care services, as well as creating customised routes for enjoying at the weekends – combining top gastronomy and breathtaking scenery. A client had just bought the latest model of the Porsche Targa 911 in northern Europe. It took a few days to transport through southern France and then northern Spain. The agenda that we planned was full of excellent gastronomy, art, concerts and activities surrounding the traditional Basque ball. The most difficult part of the organization was having to fly to Biarritz to collect the car from the hotel and drive it to their home in Madrid. We didn’t want to accelerate, out of sheer cautiousness!

9.Family Vacations.

We know that spending time with the family is very important for our clients and therefore put every effort into making their family vacations unforgettable. For one client from the USA, we organised a wonderful trip for him and his children in Amsterdam, including a personal guide to show them all the fantastic sights of the city.


Throughout the year, we have provided many of our clients with support and recommendations for all their healthcare needs: From finding the best clinics, specialist doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, etc. to accompanying our clients to appointments if they require it. We always give clients a range of options so that we can ensure that their needs are fulfilled.

11.It is about Trust.

Client says: “Can you go on to my online banking and make sure a transfer I am waiting for has arrived?” It is more than being efficient, it is trust…

12.A Very Urgent Task.

We sent some medical tests to a hospital in the USA by courier. Our client had travelled with their ill mother to visit a medical specialist, and it was very, very difficult to get an appointment. The appointment was at 10am. The tests were lost. Someone had received them at the hospital but they were unable to find them…. fortunately, after 3 hours on the phone calling  from thousands of kilometers away, and with a considerable time difference, we managed to find them at 5 in the morning… at 10am, when the visit to the doctor was…it was as though nothing had occurred.

editorial Alberta La Grup | translation by Emily Benton | Jan, 2016

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