Alberta La Grup’s recipe for the excellence in Barcelona

These are some tips we would suggest to improve our city.


Hoteliers and other ral business on tourist services to wake up and relise that if it doesn’t offer new services for their clients to offer a better service it could lose one of our greatest national assets. It doesn’t matter how good the product /interior is. Service is also fundamental.


Retail and served-in-barcelona industry cut on excellence customer care, reduce expertise, professional training for their employees. A precious way of shop-windowing our city would be to increase it. Why not?


Entice individuals to improve their professional competences, to gift a positive attitude, to increase personal interests, to acquire better experiences. To do our best. Try to look at each experience in the city from a visitor’s point of view!


Create a Cultural Offer Identity which give Barcelona the enviable chance to offer something special back to the rest of the world. To give strong to own brand to become a cultural mecca.


To give better service. full stop.


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