Alberta La Grup pushes the market of local luxury

It has been three years since Alberta La Grup imagined the future of genuine lifestyle in Barcelona.

Aintzane Gastesi and featured in La Vanguardia | Sunday, 10-Jan-2010.

We continue to pioneer, discover, and introduce Lifestyle services in the city. During all this time we have made an effort to spread our savoir faire image in each one of our endeavors, with impeccable service, discretion, attention to detail and respect for the precious and valuable time of our distinguished clients—we strive to fulfill the preferences of persons with privilege and extraordinary quality of life with our own unique style of attention.

Our enterprise continues to grow, not only Living services of personal assistants for residents, but also Concierge Vivre la Grup to attract and assist tourists of high society that wish to capture the beauty of Barcelona in grand style. Fulfill, and satisfy all the desires and demands of clients; design and propose unique experiences exclusively planned to stimulate emotion and passion. If necessary, we use the collaboration of other professionals that have the same vision and attention to excellent service, for the client to experience superior expectations.

Barcelona is loaded with offers of prestige and appealing suggestions. But, quite often we recommend that the city should introduce something new in providing excellent services. Worthy of a better position and decided stimulation. For this matter, we have co-founded the business Luxe Barcelona, created to promote the relations between different agencies that form a part of the sector of luxury and lifestyle in the city. Both national and international.

And our dream is to position Barcelona as a reference of luxury in the Mediterranean not only our industry, but to all who are looking with interest for our services, products and initiatives.

We imagined the future and then create it!

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