Personal Assistant Skills and Capabilities

137 Personal Assistant Skills and Capabilities according to Alberta La Grup

We know delegating personal organization tasks is not easy. It requires a great deal of confidence, absolute discretion and  masterful efficiency. Every day. Always. We do know. A Personal Assistant is a trustworthy professional at your complete disposal.

It’s all about Attitude

From a butler, personal assistant, home administrator, business manager, secretary, personal shopper, accountant, interior decorator, building coordinator, wedding planner, and event planner, to an expert in sales and public relations, tourism, advertising, style and personal image,… our Personal Assistant team supplies you with a multitude of abilities and talents.

We are experts in the language of discretion and confidentiality. We are dynamic, responsible and intuitive. We are proactive, and excel at management and development within the scope of an urban style.

But most importantly it is all about attitude!

mentoring programme Factory La Grup | editorial Alberta La Grup | Jan, 2016

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