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We confess. At Alberta La Grup we are passionate about challenges.

For that reason we like to plan ahead and distinguish ourselves in original and extraordinary services and we are reinventing ourselves and creating extraordinary experiences and additional advantages for our distinguished clients.

From now on, we will be offering Pure Editorial and Lifestyle Contents through our A-Lists and also by collaborating with diverse international publications regarding Luxury Lifestyle, offering editorial.

Furthermore, our Urban Concierge team explore the cities internationally and regularly prepare the best references and recommendations that we believe shouldn’t be missed.

This is an extra-service exclusively for clients of Alberta La Grup.

This is only a small selection of some of them:

  • Restaurants. New arrivals; The best tables; Emerging chefs who will be the Michelin stars of tomorrow.
  • Art galleries, shops with charm, places where you can find authentic Cultural Objects.
  • Lists for the Art of Giving
  • The most recommendable hotel suites, restaurants and places with a SlowFood attitude.
  • Lists of shops where you can find international products or clothes and accessories from foreign designers in multi- label shops.
  • Our favourite websites for Christmas shopping.

A-Lists issues shared by Alberta La Grup are purely editorial and are exclusive to our clients.  This means that each issue is written by us and features things that we love and have curated for you. No one pays (or can pay) Alberta La Grup to be included in our editorial content.

Thank you!

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