Why Luxury Real Estate Urgently Needs A ‘Seat At The Table’ of Lifestyle Management Service

Do you focus only on the real estate business with all the difficulty, competence and style that it implies, or You have a vision of the future, try to understand the client’s lifestyle, their needs, and you really believe that clients dream about the houses they want to live in?

March, 2021 | written by Alberta La Grup  

Has a client ever asked you something that was not really your job or it was beyond your access and that would take you hours and hours to do if you agree to assist the client? What if we tell you that there is a way to satisfy all your client demands without any negative repercussion for you?

Clients who buy or rent residences in enclaves with dramatic views, zip codes that are only paid with millionaire figures, walk-in showers, oversized closets, games room, meditation room and other facilities, are the same ones who travel the world every month, whose children study in various countries, and stay in luxury hotels, enjoy Les Clefs D’Or Concierge services, and have teams of personal staff at their service. Residential Concierge services extend the life of 5* to your own home.

Following the trend in the USA that began 15+ years ago, it is increasingly common to find ourselves in Europe with the trend of very powerful and iconic real estate investments, of residential buildings with services; ultra-luxury properties with concierge services and lifestyle management (butler, and other personal and family care experts), which elevates residences to locations of prestige within the reach of a minority. It is more than a trend, it is an opportunity.

With 15 years of experience and +300 families /assisted clients, at Alberta La Grup we are Lifestyle Managers, Concierges and Personal Angels. We provide the only thing you can never take back, TIME. From the complete management of a move, unpacking, smart organization of spaces until an entire furnish and decoration process, creating the inventory of material for the private events, plan and book the perfect vacations, get sold out tickets and book the fanciest restaurants. Just handle us the keys, let us know which are your needs and we will deal with all the rest. Moreover, we manage everything in several languages, and not only in one city, but in other parts of the world where it is required, as the owner / resident receives the service tailored to their needs and preferences.

In our city, Barcelona, for example, we have already designed and participated in 3 of 5 real estate projects that offer these services of private culture (there are more to come, which excites us enormously and which we will soon reveal) … and not only is it our experience, but it is also a trend that continues to grow and has a long way to go. To mention just one example of evolution, in Manhattan, a leader luxury real estate investment corporation contacted us to become “one of the concierge agencies”, because their aspirational marketing strategy is fundamentally based on the level of investment by the owners, who enjoy the service offered by an agency with great international prestige. Basically, it depends on the level of property that the buyer-resident has acquired, thus, the higher, the bigger, the more luxurious, the better concierge service

Reaching this level of service beyond of what is expected will make you more proactive and caring under your clients’ eyes and will add an incredible value to your business. We have already started collaborating with Family Offices, Wealth Management and Sports Management Companies, who had the vision to integrate Lifestyle Services for their clients.

Our Partnership would help to achieve a higher level of service scope for both parties. On one hand, allowing your buyers or tenants to benefit from the services of Personal Assistance, Concierge and Lifestyle Management. On the other hand, Alberta La Grup’s clients would have priority access to the most exclusive properties, as well as the exquisite guidance and assistance from the best professionals.


  • Added value. The client’s profile will probably need this service and most of them without even knowing yet.
  • Perfect combination. “Get your home – Live your home”.
  • Only way to earn time and invest it to your liking.
  • Anticipate to client’s needs. Proactivity.
  • Ensure the best quality, standards, and professionalism.
  • The best Lifestyle Management Service Agency in Europe.
  • Privileges and benefits. Access to the most exclusive events.
  • Increase in the level of security that you will enjoy in your properties
  • Always someone by your side
  • 365 days/year Service
  • Better knowledge of the client’s profile
  • Creating a lifestyle, and a unique selling point concept in marketing
  • And an extension of the promoter’s brand, brand butler … we build the best and the best, they take care of you and your people.

Actually, would you underestimate the power of a Lifestyle Management professional?

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