Time Worship. One life, so much to experience.

Featured at GP Millionaire Magazine April ’09

Time worship. One life. So much to experience

To confirm that luxury is now more personalised than ever is no exaggeration, and just like tastes, it’s all a matter of preferences.
It’s clear that any product or service that can be attained in exchange for large sums of money can be considered to be luxurious. Until very recently in fact, luxury was only considered in material terms. However, we can safely say that we are now also faced with a new class of luxury to which other values are incorporated, going further than simply appearance: it is intangible, authentic and even more intelligent. New trends inspire us towards limited editions, privacy, ephemeral experiences that are tailor-made to our tastes, invisible pleasure; it is a luxury that is not exhibited so much, but rather used. An unforgettable trip, the comfort of space, a caress, a thought that provokes a smile; all these inevitably involves emotion.
Luxury involves our own identity
One of the greatest luxuries that we can attain is having free time. Unplanned time to enjoy everything we have achieved. Time to share with our loved ones or to devote to ourselves. However, with time acting as a new currency, new possibilities are opening up before our eyes.
Real luxury could identified not so much with possessing a mobile worth thousands of pounds, but the act of turning it off at certain times of the day, disconnecting, a few hours of being incommunicado and however, knowing that your companies and your home continue to function according to your plans and goals.
The role of a Personal Assistant is very useful if you want to gain more time. Their service is now seen as one of the most highly demanded professions amongst the most exciting people and is valued a true luxury. In cities like London, there are over 10,000 people who use the services of personal assistants through their membership to life-style clubs. In the United States, there are 750 companies who are fully dedicated to offering personal assistant and life-style services. In Spain, the do-not-it-yourself industry is one the up. Its addicted users range from celebrities, athletes, politicians, businessmen and women and executives.
What makes it so special?
Being a personal assistant is not simple a job, it is a passion. Personal assistants play in the premier league. They combine different skills such as those of a personal secretary, butler, chauffer, interpreter, administrative assistant, public relations officer, chief buyer, events organiser, etc. A personal assistant helps to make our life easier. Their priority is to ensure that our needs are attended to, even before they may become apparent. The will pay attention to detail and display impeccable style. The attentions of a personal assistant have become the diamonds of the top level of service. It is a whole philosophy centred on customer services.
Having a personal assistant promotes social status.
The are over 12 reasons to consider the services of a personal assistant as virtues for current lifestyle: it brings us more free time, saves money, open up new contacts, affords comfort, makes our life easier, provides access to private events, helps us to concentrate on our business and keeps us up-to-date with the city’s latest fashions (basically what to wear), creates a balance between our professional and private life, provides international contacts; they are always at our service to attend to whatever we may need, they look after our interests; they will become personal luxury hunters; will reduce our stress; will improve our quality of life and will pay attention to our guests.
In Spain, Alberta La Grup headquartered in Barcelona and operations in Madrid and other Spanish cities, has become one of Spain’s leading companies in personal assistant and life-style services since 2006. Its team of highly qualified, multilingual and multitasking staff attends to the daily needs of scores of the most exacting families, wherever they may be, in Spain or abroad. The Alberta La Grup team has built up its reputation focusing on factors such as discretion, effectiveness and professional ethics, with an exquisite and very personal nature.
The countless tasks that they can do for us range from daily tasks at home, to arranging trips down to the very last detail, upkeeping our second homes and ensuring that they are always ready for our arrival, organising a private party or exclusive shopping trip with designers in Paris or Milan. The services know no bounds and personal assistant consultants are at your disposal to get you whatever you need without bothering you.
We know that time is not a universal value, nor is it absolute. So in the future, will journeys be through time? We will find that out for you, in the meantime, live for the moment.

Culto al tiempo. Una vida, mucho por vivir


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